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I was born and raised in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, a proud working class town outside of Pittsburgh.  In that steel mill town, I learned about hard work and the value of a dollar. Most folks worked on their houses themselves, but, if they could afford to pay someone, they certainly wanted the job done right.  

My dad was an apprentice painter when he was young, so he painted our homes and our relatives’ homes when I was growing up.  I helped in little ways, then, by washing brushes, running errands, and carrying supplies up the ladder.  

When I went off to college at West Point, I took the McKeesport ethic with me and learned about the importance of discipline and attention to detail.  

After I left the Army, I learned first-hand how a coat of paint can transform a space for the better.  My sister was working as a federal prosecutor in New York City at the time, and my dad and I helped to paint her apartment because she couldn’t afford to hire anyone.  The tiny apartment was filthy and drab. My mom didn’t want her daughter to live in a place like that. So, we bought some white paint, some brushes, and rollers, and we went to work.  When we were done, that fresh coat of paint had totally changed the whole environment for the better. I’m pretty sure there was a group family hug afterwards.   

I was hooked.  I had the painting bug.  I painted my entire house, inside and out, after I was married.  But, I was recently out of business school at the time, and I guess I felt compelled to go into the corporate world. Over the course of twenty years, while I was building marketing teams and developing campaigns for clients, painting was always in the back of my mind.  And, time after time, I saw how people who were fortunate to be able to afford to hire professionals ended up being disappointed because the pros didn’t show up, or call back, or do a quality job. But, that NYC apartment transformation story always stuck in my mind.  

And now, many years later, with the support and encouragement of family and friends, I decided it was time to follow that passion for transforming places and putting smiles on faces. 

In 2019, The Paint Platoon was formed. 

And, in 2020, we added The Softwash Squad to take care of your roof, house, and surface washing needs! 

We look forward to serving you…..


Jeff Beamon


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