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If you have interior painting needs, we can help. We'll take a look at the space, discuss your needs, and provide an estimate for the work. We take care to protect your floors and furnishings and conduct a thorough cleanup after the job.


Whether your home or building is made of wood, stucco, brick, vinyl, fiber cement, concrete, or metal (or some combination), we can paint it. Based upon your needs, we will either use sprayers, rollers, or brushes. We'll also ensure that the surface is clean and ready for the best paint or stain adhesion.

Color Consultation

We can work with you, or perhaps your interior designer, and the paint store to find or match the perfect colors for your home.

Drywall Repair

This task is a critical one, and in many ways, an art form. Our team excels in this area.

Cabinet Painting

Painting/refinishing cabinets is a great way to create an entirely new look without buying new ones. We use a special sprayer (HVLP) to create a new surface that looks like it came right from the factory.

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper is makin' a bit of a comeback! But if your's has seen better days and needs to come down, just let us know :).

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Ugh, right? This is a messy job, but it really updates and cleans up a space. For great results, it has to be done correctly. Every ceiling is different, has a different history, can we can make sure the ceiling is prepared so that the surface and paint looks amazing.

Garage floor resurfacing

This is another job that can make a huge impact on the look and function of your garage. We ensure proper surface preparation and then use high-quality coatings to create a lasting, professional finish.

Our general service categories are listed above, but if you have any questions, have a related need, or want to schedule a free estimate, please contact us today…

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What Are People Saying?

When hiring a painter to work in your home, a few factors set a great painter apart from a good one. Jeff and The Paint Platoon are not just a good paint team. They are the best. Jeff's knowledge and professionalism made our experience working with him outstanding. From arriving exactly at the time promised to reviewing our project with a fine tooth comb The Paint Platoon exceeded our expectations. Our daily lives were barely interrupted and Jeff did everything he could to ensure our quality of life remained as normal as possible. In addition, Jeff treated his team’s work with a focused attention to detail. He ensured that every painted area of our home was to not only our liking but reached his high standards, as well. Jeff and his team worked quickly and efficiently throughout the house and the work was completed within the timeframe we expected. When you work with Jeff and The Paint Platoon, rest assured the quality of work will exceed your expectations, the price will be very competitive and their professionalism will make you feel as though your own family is working on your home. We would recommend The Paint Platoon to anyone looking for a highly ethical, professional painting company.
David P.
Savannah, GA
The Paint Platoon exceeded expectations. I hired the Platoon to paint where necessary, as well as to fix all those nagging paint issues which had accumulated over the years -drywall repair, poor prior removal of wallpaper paste, and poor DIY repairs. Not only did they do a wonderful job with those, they ended up helping us with an HVAC leak we didn't even know that we had. Rather than calling us with bad news and leaving it up to us to resolve, Jeff called with an inexpensive solution at the ready. Several other smart fixes were proposed and carried out at reasonable costs. We loved the fact that they didn't try to upsell us . . . Just offered us practical solutions to fix problems that had plagued us for years. Because they listened to our concerns. The Paint Platoon team thoroughly prepared the space so that we had no dust or unwanted paint remaining after they were gone. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with the results, including repainting a door after we didn't love the stain. They came when they said they would and finished when they said they would. I highly recommend The Paint Platoon- dependable, communicative and reliable.
Catherine B.
Savannah, GA

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